Accelerated TMS Therapy

Accelerated TMS was make well known when the technique was used in Stanford University in the SAINT clinical study.

This is still TMS, where a magnet is brought close to your head for a short period and exact magnetic stimulation is performed to open up under-used pathways in the brain or where over excited areas of the brain can be calmed.

Patients receive 50 treatments in 5 days, typically 10 daily treatments that are 10 minutes long when treating for depression. A 50-minute break between treatments is the norm.

This is more intensive than other TMS techniques.

The TMS Institute of Arizona was one of the first centers in the Southwest to offer Accelerated TMS, which began in March 2022 and have treated patients from all over the United States and Canada.

We have delivered nearly 100 treatments with >75-85% of clients noting at least 50% improvement if not complete remission ranging from at the end of treatment to within 2-6 weeks after completion of the treatment protocol.

We proudly only use the MagVenture TMS device, which is the same TMS device utilized by Stanford University in the SAINT clinical study for the treatment of treatment resistant major depressive disorder.

This protocol was granted FDA approval in September 2022. We also offer an Accelerated TMS protocol for Generalized Anxiety Disorder with and without Panic Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), ADD/ADHD, brain optimization, insomnia, and weight loss.

Accelerated TMS is not covered by insurance at this time but we offer several other versions of TMS that are covered by most insurances. These other versions are also very effective for treating depression.

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Benefits of Accelerated TMS

Accelerated TMS provides numerous advantages:

  • No downtime; resume your schedule right away
  • Non-invasive
  • No need for anesthesia
  • More treatments in just 5 days compared to traditional TMS protocol – equivalent of receiving daily TMS sessions for 9 consecutive months
  • Can be a standalone option or complementary with current medication
  • Offers an alternative to antidepressants
  • Effective in achieving remission of MDD and anxiety symptoms in 80%+ of individuals
  • Effective in achieving remission of OCD symptoms

Experience accelerated healing and recovery with the power of TMS!

How Accelerated TMS Works

Accelerated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) has shown great promise in treating depression, generating an impressive 80-85% remission rate at our center. Our intensive 5-day program, tailored for those who can’t access a TMS center near them or for those who want more rapid relief from severe depression and generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder. These results even surpass those of standard TMS. The treatment protocol is equivalent to approximately 9 months of daily TMS sessions all performed in 5-days.  Finally, hope for those struggling with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia, and restless legs syndrome is within reach.

In October 2021, a pioneering study conducted by Stanford University, called the SAINT (Stanford Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Therapy) trial, unveiled that nearly 80% of participants experienced remission from their depression after undergoing theta burst stimulation treatment via the MagVenture TMS device. Remarkably, clinical improvement was noticeable in as little as 2.3 days. Moreover, the FDA approved the protocol used in the Stanford study as a treatment for treatment resistant depression including those that previously failed traditional TMS therapy in September 2022.

Despite the FDA approval, Accelerated TMS therapy remains uncovered by insurance. However, most insurance policies will cover the standard TMS therapy after multiple failed medication trials.

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We have also offer Accelerated TMS for OCD, anxiety, insomnia, brain optimization, and weight loss with great success. Call 480-448-2916, or contact us to learn more.

Source: Stanford Accelerated Intelligent Neuromodulation Therapy for Treatment-Resistant Depression (SAINT-TRD).

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