Testimonials From Real Patients – MeRT for Autism

“Highly recommend! Dr.Patel, Lisa & Melinda were all amazing! Our son, who has autism has highly aggressive behaviors, obsessive behaviors & anxiety. The sessions helped minimize all of the things that we were hopeful for! It was amazing to see the difference in the EEGs that were given every 10 sessions. We would do it again in a heartbeat! Thank you to the team for all of your help and understanding on our journey” – Holly Google Review

“We have just finished our first round of Mert therapy… Gains so far – our 5-year old girl who already has great language capabilities but would often not respond at all to us (low receptivity), started becoming very outspoken about what is on her mind and giving us waaaay more insight into her thought processes and overall just way more responsive. I feel like I’m truly getting to know her for the first time. She has been able to have more patience (previously could not wait for us to finish a conversation to ask her question and would end up exploding), now she counts while waiting for her turn. She also is more easily taking turns with toys when sharing with friends and siblings. Her rigidity of thinking is very much down. She can now go with the flow much more and can be reasoned with if things don’t happen the same way as before or as she expected. She’s less picky with food, for example would previously eat a burger in each of its individual components but now eats it ‘combined’. There’s a heap more but these are the main ones. The only tricky thing has been increased agitation and minor hitting but that has since faded to zero. I think she had a lot of brain activity increase that might have caused her to feel overwhelmed temporarily. Also, should say in addition to us parents, her Nana and uncles were taken aback by her responsiveness to them after our time away for the therapy. She would never say hello or goodbye and now says it all and engaged in back and forth conversation with them too.”

“During our first week of treatment, I received Text messages and videos from my son’s teacher saying he was, “…sitting and patiently waiting for more work.” And “He drew his shapes on his own!” (For context- I did not inform his teacher beforehand that we are undergoing therapy at the BTC. Also, I NEVER received text messages of this nature. I normally get text messages of his rough days and for me to come pick him up). After week two I received more messages from his teacher stating that there were “mind blowing changes….” He informed me that my son was actually playing on the playground equipment – not just in the corner trying to eat rocks. His teacher also said, “He is allowing me to teach him- and it means the world to me!” Some changes I am seeing at home are – he is more calm and present. He is making eye contact and saying words like, “I want juice!”  WITHOUT PROMPTING!  He is repeating words we are asking him to say. When he has moments, and starts to scream or fuss, I ask him what do you want, AND HE RESPONDS!! I believe I got my money’s worth already and it is only week 3! I am glad my husband and I came when we did because we are already seeing positive changes to our beautiful boy. I love the eye contact he has started making with me since starting the treatment. I am telling anyone who would listen about my experience after beginning MeRT because I want all moms and dads with children on the spectrum to feel the joy we are feeling and we still have 3 more weeks of treatment to go!”

“Before doing MeRT Therapy, I was very skeptical because I didn’t know how it would affect my son. We found out he was diagnosed with ASD at the age of 3. He was starting to regress severely. At the age of 5, he wouldn’t pay attention to his surroundings, wouldn’t react to his name being called, had no sense of awareness, no eye contact, became completely non-verbal, and had minor symptoms of ADHD.

My husband and I did a lot of research before starting and were really nervous to start. However, we can now say that we are glad we took that leap of faith. Our son is now making eye contact when we speak with him, has gotten his first haircut without crying, is starting to be verbal by saying words, repeating words back from his tablet, humming and slightly singing, and it truly feels good to hear his voice again. His speech therapist says she is seeing much more progress compared to before and behavior has gotten way better in school.”

“We did 6 weeks of MERT and last session finished last week. Major Gains we have seen:
– speech would be the biggest part, trying to describe things and trying to form sentences, his therapist are shocked how much he is talking now
– sleep, my child slept well prior to Mert, but lots of flipping around middle of the night, now no more flipping, sleeps through the night for 10-12 hours (wow, I know).
– hyperactivity has reduced.
– playing more games, stays in the same game for longer period of time.
– trying more varieties of food,  will ask to try new food.
Good luck everyone.”

“My 10 year old daughter just finished MERT.  Even though she is an older kid, the change in back of the brain was pretty significant and in the middle and front part, we see better alpha and lower theta and beta. I am good with the charts. How about in real life? We will see when she goes back to school next week. But we see better speech, more patience, better play time with her younger sister, and better understanding and follow up on directions given. Side effect? Didn’t see any headaches or anything. She got really “hangry” but after the last session, that is gone. The clinic explained that that is normal as the therapy is pushing the brain to work out, so she might have felt more hunger.”

“My daughter was non-verbal before MeRT. We had MeRT August 14-September 8, 2023. She started repeating what I said (in Spanish) yesterday!  I can only credit MeRT for this!”

“For us MERT was life changing! Our gains have continued over a year later! We look forward to doing it again! My son is less anxious, happy disposition, less rigidity and sensory issues and more language.”

“My kiddo is finishing up her last two weeks of treatment and I cannot be more excited about the gains/progress we have had in the last 6 weeks. She was very aggressive, high anxiety, no eye contact when talking. One to two words when communicating. Now we can have a relay back and forth conversation at least 3 times with a lot more words. No meltdowns. She has become more social with her sibling and peers at school. Better sleep hygiene. Independent with her hygiene morning routine and improvements in school. We will do maintenance at the end of the summer for 2-4 weeks.”

“Last day of MeRT! He had a six week treatment. Had great feedback from his teachers about how he is so more alert and engaged than they have ever seen him. Huge improvement in mood, much less irritated and his depression is gone after 4 yrs! Benefits continue to come post treatment. I think in 3-4 months I will do another qEEG and track is post treatment.”

“3 month post MERT, emotional regulation has improved dramatically.  I am able to take him out on my own.  Two of us went to the farm today as daddy was working and we enjoyed it.  Walked by himself the whole time, no running away from me, would not go too far from me and would come back to me when I call.

The whole thing would not be possible one month ago as he would just run away from us if he saw things he liked (not aware of danger).   He would just meltdown/run away if I insisted to hold his hand to stop him from running. He would lay down anywhere when having meltdowns even in the middle of traffic.  We would always go out with dad so if he started running into traffic daddy could pin him down.

We have seen so many gains, but his gains have grown slowly and gradually.  He just turned 4 in September.  He has always been a fast learner, but after treatment he has been smashing all of his goals with his therapy.

Good luck all the parents, hope is there”

“My experience here has been life changing. My 15 year old son with Autism after only 3 weeks of treatment has already begun to show great improvement.  He is less aggressive, his speech is more fluent and he is finally sleeping throughout the night. It’s like a light switch has been turned on.”

“After careful research on every possible treatment available for autism, we decided to try out the MeRT by Brain Treatment Center last summer for the first time. Weeks after the completion of the treatment that summer, our son displayed significant improvements in his behaviors.

It was unthinkable to carry on normal conversation or any enjoyable conversation, rather.  After the treatment, he has transformed himself to be someone who we enjoy speaking to, who can come back with very intelligent and intriguing questions to heighten such fruitful conversation.

It was also unthinkable to take a trip with him that required more than 30 minutes without screaming uncontrollably.  He has become someone who has no issue with taking on any trek, requiring hours at a time. We observed him interacting with another boy at the park just the other day – being able to carry on with the conversation, communicating – speaking face-to-face with him for quite some time. “

“Shortly after our 4-year-old son’s diagnosis, we learned about the success of MeRT and immediately started trying to find the right center for us. The impact of the treatments were immediate from eye contact improvement to him noticing his surroundings, and even improved communication with us…by week 5, he was using a spoon for the first time!  If you are considering treatment for your child, we highly recommend.”

“We originally brought our son here who’s 5 years old, with the thought that we just want to try and give him every opportunity we can to function at his best, he struggles with various issues such as Impulsivity, agitated moods, etc. I’m honestly amazed at the technology and how quickly we started to see changes in him. He has had major progress in the last 4 weeks he is able to conversate on higher levels. His focus has sharpened and he’s concentrating on building and creating more with his hands, sitting for longer periods of time while he works on projects. The largest change that we noticed immediately was his mood has stabilized! He has been so happy & calm! We have not experienced any negative side effects whatsoever. Easy and painless treatments!”