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Before I started TMS I suffered from severe depression and suicidal ideations. I just finished my treatment and looking back to how I used to be and think and significantly improved. I haven’t had any suicidal ideations for about a month and I now have the will to live. I take suggestions and advice and I can honestly say I’m happy. Never thought I would ever say that.

– Morgan, Google Review

Morgan, Google Review

What an amazing team – and a miracle therapy. If you’re battling depression, Dr Patel and his team are fabulous to work with. TMS is a much better treatment approach over medications and the treatment is only a few minutes each day. Well worth it to be able to live without the debilitating symptoms depression. I highly recommend TMS Institute of Arizona to those suffering from depression or other mental health-related symptoms. They offer a patient consultation too, and will take the time to answer your questions and really understand your symptoms. TMS is a much better approach to treating depression than just prescribing pills.

– Kim, Google Review

Kim, Google Review