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“We have just finished our first round of Mert therapy… Gains so far – our 5-year old girl who already has great language capabilities but would often not respond at all to us (low receptivity), started becoming very outspoken about what is on her mind and giving us waaaay more insight into her thought processes and overall just way more responsive. I feel like I’m truly getting to know her for the first time. She has been able to have more patience (previously could not wait for us to finish a conversation to ask her question and would end up exploding), now she counts while waiting for her turn. She also is more easily taking turns with toys when sharing with friends and siblings. Her rigidity of thinking is very much down. She can now go with the flow much more and can be reasoned with if things don’t happen the same way as before or as she expected. She’s less picky with food, for example would previously eat a burger in each of its individual components but now eats it ‘combined’. There’s a heap more but these are the main ones. The only tricky thing has been increased agitation and minor hitting but that has since faded to zero. I think she had a lot of brain activity increase that might have caused her to feel overwhelmed temporarily. Also, should say in addition to us parents, her Nana and uncles were taken aback by her responsiveness to them after our time away for the therapy. She would never say hello or goodbye and now says it all and engaged in back and forth conversation with them too.

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Before I started TMS I suffered from severe depression and suicidal ideations. I just finished my treatment and looking back to how I used to be and think and significantly improved. I haven’t had any suicidal ideations for about a month and I now have the will to live. I take suggestions and advice and I can honestly say I’m happy. Never thought I would ever say that.

– Morgan, Google Review

Morgan, Google Review

What an amazing team – and a miracle therapy. If you’re battling depression, Dr Patel and his team are fabulous to work with. TMS is a much better treatment approach over medications and the treatment is only a few minutes each day. Well worth it to be able to live without the debilitating symptoms depression. I highly recommend TMS Institute of Arizona to those suffering from depression or other mental health-related symptoms. They offer a patient consultation too, and will take the time to answer your questions and really understand your symptoms. TMS is a much better approach to treating depression than just prescribing pills.

– Kim, Google Review

Kim, Google Review