Treating Depression for Active Military and Veterans

Honoring the courageous men and women who have served our nation, we extend our heartfelt appreciation for your sacrifices and dedication. At the TMS Institute of Arizona, we stand committed to delivering top-tier mental health care. We take immense pride in our role as a premier provider of TMS therapy for depression and related disorders. We stand ready to offer our support.

Tricare May Cover You for Depression Treatment

In most cases, Tricare insurance policies cover TMS treatment and Spravato for treatment-resistant major depressive disorder and sometimes TMS for OCD

We will help you work with your insurance provider if you are seeking TMS treatment for depression or depression combined with other conditions such as PTSD. This begins with a required evaluation by a physician at the TMS Institute. Following this evaluation, clinic notes are sent to the patient’s insurance provider for initiation of the prior authorization procedure.

What is TMS?

Discover the transformative power of TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (also called rTMS for Repetitive TMS). This is a non-invasive therapy harnessing magnetic fields to activate nerve cells in the brain, specifically targeting regions linked to mood regulation and depression.

FDA-cleared equipment ensures safety and efficacy, with TRICARE recognizing its value in treating Major Depressive Disorder since 2016.

With a commitment to serving our military personnel, veterans, and their families, our clinic extends coverage to those with a range of TRICARE plans, ensuring comprehensive healthcare support for those who have served our nation.

Hear it from a few of many about the relief they experienced…

“My experience was life-changing. I struggled through years of sleeplessness, constant worry, and struggle with everyday life. Halfway through my first treatment plan, my spirit was revived. My loved ones, acquaintances, and people I met started to comment on my positivity and overall demeanor. I went from losing hope, to cherishing every moment. I would urge anyone who is struggling with head injury, depression, PTSD, or any type of psychological struggle(s) to pick up the phone and inquire. Your best days are still to come.” -JG, Retired Army

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“I was living in despair and physical pain every day without reprieve, that is until I was able to get treatment. I underwent neural restorative therapy for two months with total symptom resolution. I can function again at work, and can spend much needed time with my family. I have my sense of well-being back and a clarity of thought I haven’t had in many years.”  – Army Veteran

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“I felt the positive effects of the treatment in the first 3 days. I had irritability issues and sleeping issues among other things. I started sleeping through the night on day 3. And not just sleeping but sleeping hard and dreaming. So I know I was in R.E.M sleep. It has helped me focus, feel more energetic, less irritable, more caring to others and helped with joint pain and tinnitus. Trust the process and you’ll have the same results as I did.” – TW, Alpha Elite Performance, Retired Green Beret

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“It was absolutely terrifying to not know what was wrong with me or how to fix the problem. MeRT not only identified the deteriorated state of my brainwave activity, they restored its function… I consider the healing I experienced to be nothing short of a miracle.” – US Army Veteran

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TMS Therapies

TMS therapy is designed to improve functioning in the frontal lobe by increasing activity on the left side of the frontal lobe to reverse the asymmetry that results in depression.

Eligibility for TMS using TRICARE

Qualifying for TRICARE-covered TMS therapy involves meeting specific criteria:

  • Individuals must be 18 years or older.
  • A diagnosis of major depressive disorder is necessary.
  • Patients must have either failed to respond to another form of treatment or found a previous treatment unsuitable.
  • All forms of Military as well as retired service members and their families can qualify for Tricare.

Getting Started with Tricare for Depression

Starting on your depression treatment journey with TRICARE coverage is simpler than ever with our assistance.

Connect with our New Patient Coordinator to kick-start the process and get any questions about TMS treatment and our tailored protocols answered.

Our Insurance Coordinator is your go-to resource for TRICARE inquiries, copay explanations, and assistance with determining coverage.

At the TMS Institute of Arizona, we can assist you, whether seeking treatment for yourself or another individual

Talk with our New Patient Coordinator

Our New Patient Coordinator is here to answer all your questions so you can make the most informed decision.

She can explain our treatment protocols, fees, any possible insurance benefits, and more. She can also schedule you for the next step: a consultation with one of our Doctors.

From there, we can determine if you may benefit from MeRT or TMS treatment, and you can decide if you would like to move forward. We hope you will consider getting more information. You deserve to live a life free from your symptoms — and we want to help you do just that!

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